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Welcome to Not Just Embedded!

Those of you who have been following my blog at EmbeddedRelated.com may wonder why I started another blog. The reason is that sometimes I feel like wandering off-topic for embedded systems.

And I mean wayyyyy off topic.

Not just about complexity or organizational reliability or making mistakes. Because those are part of the package — if you want to read my articles about circuit design or signal processing or C programming, I want you to read the ones about project management or careers, too.

Except then I get these weird ideas, and it’s a dilemma: do I put them on EmbeddedRelated.com and further dilute the relevance of my blog there? Or do I filter them out? For months the answer has been filtering them out and keeping my mouth shut. Then I finally decided, screw it, I’ll put up a different blog for other stuff.

So if you want the whole enchilada (mmmm....), read this one, too.

Plus a bonus: these posts will be shorter.